Hi I’m Da, (AmanDa) and welcome to loved by Da where I sell super cool clothing and accessories that I absolutely adore.

The idea behind loved by Da started with my obsession for looking good but feeling comfortable. As a child I would always be the first one into my PJ's, pulling them on as soon as school was over.  As a teenager, growing up listening to Nirvana and The Doors, I lived in a pair of old, comfy Doc Martens with pink laces and the coolest pair of purple Tibetan harem pants. I got my Nan to knit me a mustard coloured jumper to wear over them. I thought I rocked. Then as I discovered house music (the days of Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling) I discovered trainers. OH how I loved trainers and still do. I once wore a pair of pink suede Chipie trainers (who remembers those beauts for the 90s?) under a bridesmaid dress, way before Lily Allen ever did, they were cool and I was comfy – what more can I say. Now in my 40s, style and comfort are still the key ingredients to my look. Nine times out of ten you'll find me in harem trousers, denim jacket and trainers -  the rest of the time I'll be in my PJ's with the kids.

For me, fashion is just as much about looking good as feeling good and if you can do this with minimal effort and a reasonable price tag you’re onto a winner in my book.

Everything you’ll find on here has been hand-picked or designed by me with comfort at its heart but not at the expense of style. I hope you like what you see and feel as strong and as confident as I do when wearing it.

Big love

Da x